Why Gm Crop Should Be Grown Essay

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Biology 3.2- Why GM crop should be grown in New Zealand
A Genetically modified organism (GMO) is the product of artificially changing the genome of an organism, resulting in a change in phenotype. This process is commonly found used on crops and foods that we all eat. The reason that GM is used is that it causes the organism to express a phenotype that has some sort of benefit towards the organism. This practice is widely used in Agriculture as causes the crops to develop certain traits to adapt to the environment and survive; the crops are also modified to fit human preference. For example some crops are genetically modified so the fruit they bear grow larger. From these benefits, you may think that everyone would support GM crops, but there is a large amount of people that are against it especially in New Zealand as you cannot plant GM crops. The cause of this controversy is that GM crops could be dangerous for human consumption, due many claims that people have attained diseases and sicknesses from toxins within the crops.
Biological Concepts and Implications
The basis of Genetic engineering is the removal of one or more genes in an organism and then it is inserted in the DNA of another organism. By doing this, we can express certain traits due to the newly inserted gene which us as consumers find favourable. An example is the imported GM corn in New Zealand. A common type of GM corn is MON863 corn (1), which is developed by Monsanto, is genetically modified
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