Why Gm Is Ethical And Socially Responsible

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Section #1 The reason I selected General Motors to be my focus company is because they are one of my favorite car company 's and they make some of the best cars around. Here is a little background information on General Motors, General Motors also known as GM or General Motors Corporation, is a multinational corporation that produces, designs, and sells vehicles and vehicle parts. The founders of GM were William C. Durant and Charles Stewart Mott, and they founded GM on September 16th, 1908, in Flint Michigan, they have recently moved to their new headquarters to downtown Detroit. I believe the GM is ethical and socially responsible. GM uses a code of ethics, and each employee must read and follow these codes. Employees must have integrity in the work place, which means treating people fairly no matte race, religion, or color. Employees must also have integrity toward the environment, they must be committed to restore and preserve the environment. GM is also social responsible, GM created the Foundation Program, which supports big and small communities, as well as different charity events. This year, GM is planning to provide over 2 million dollars to fund hundreds of organizations that provide resources and programs that families rely on each and every day. GM has just elected new board of directors that all have outstanding back grounds, and they plan to help the company grow, as well as give back to the community.

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I believe…
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