Why Gmos Should Not Be Allowed From The General Food Supply

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Why GMOs should not be allowed in the General Food Supply.
What are GMOs? GMO stands for genetically modified organism, an organism that has had its genes or genetic makeup changed or alter in some way in a research lab. Two ways that scientist accomplish this is through either gene cloning or protein engineering (Phillips, Teresa p.1). Tampering with the genetics of any species, particularly one that we consume into our bodies has unknown effects that have not been completely research enough. We do not know how genetically modifying the foods we eat will affect our own inner bodies and genes. Big research and food companies, such as Monsanto, have put their own bottom-line, or greed, above our health and we are unwittingly being
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These chemicals, which are actual poisons, make their way to our ground-water supply, which in turn is consumed by us.
Today, most soy and corn grown in the U.S. is Genetically Modified. Soy and corn are also the number one feed for the animals that we eat. Corn also provides the ingredients for most of our sweeteners and cooking oil. Most processed foods sold in the United States have ingredients from genetically modified crops. And yet, “Scientific Studies have not concluded that Genetically Modified foods are safe for the population” (Eating Well. “Should the US ban GMOs?”). The major question that has developed with GMOs is whether or not these modification in the plants we consume is detrimental to our own health. Are we trading higher crop yields for personal health risks? Are we replacing possible starvation with another form of disease or health problem? And, “Should GMOs be allowed in the General Food Supply?” “Both environmental and food safety concerns have been raised by opponents of GM crops”. (Chantal Nielsen, Kym Anderson, p. iv). Many people recognize the fact that GMOs have not been tested properly on their effects toward our own genetics. Food items that contain GMOs are unlabeled in America. Why are U.S. food manufacturers being so sneaky about which foods contain GMOs? In Europe, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, GMOs have been banned because
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