Why Go To College Essay

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Why is it important to go to college? The generation before us says to be successful in today’s modern world you must go to college. I think that’s entirely true, but not everyone can afford it. For some people, college is not for them, but with the rise of animation and technology, all of the jobs will get taken by robots, all around the world. To stop this from happening we must get the right education so technology does not take over. That is why we should start off small and make community college free of tuition in the Yakima Valley. Making tuition free in the Yakima Valley will help fill the education gap at the bottom, the numbers gap and provide the right stuff. You’re probably wondering what the education gap at the bottom means.…show more content…
College is still a big factor in the type of jobs you get because many jobs require a college degree. In order to get a good paying job, you’ll have to do some type of college and there’s no better way to start than at a community college. If you think it’s not for you then you’re not curious or passionate about anything and your part of the reason why America is so messed up. Not anyone will be able to get in to the free community college. Making community colleges free would be a privilege, and if you’re just going to mess around and not take class seriously, you will not receive the free tuition. In one of Obamas speeches he said “The plan would provide tuition-free classes for student going to school at least half time who maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher and are making steady progress towards a degree or transferring to a four-year institution (Obama). What this mean is you have to have good work ethic to achieve this goal. It’s an obtainable goal and shouldn’t be hard for most people. Obama also says “I’d like to see two years of community college free for everyone who is willing to work for it” (Obama 1). If our ex-President of the United States believe we should do this, then why don’t we do
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