Why Go To High School

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It takes lots of hard work, education, and dedication to become a veterinarian. A veterinarian, or vet, is a doctor that treats and diagnoses animals. When your animal is sick, hurt, or you are in need of medical advice you take your pet to the vet. When I graduate high school, I plan on going to school to be a vet. In order to go to college, you must go to high school. You have to attend high school to get your diploma. Getting your diploma makes colleges want you to go to their school/university and you have a higher chance of getting into a college than those who do not attend and finish high school. If you take AP classes in high school, then you will have credit for college. However, you must pass the class in order to receive credit…show more content…
In order to attend ASU, I must have a 2.75 GPA and at least made a twenty-one on the ACT. In-state tuition for an undergraduate is $4100. In-state tuition for graduate is $3947. This does not include some classes. Additional classes cost between $5.00- $255.00. Some classes that I have to take are biology, zoology, and animal science. I plan on getting my bachelor’s degree at ASU. After graduating from Arkansas State University, I will apply to get into Texas A&M’s veterinary school. It is very difficult to get into the programs so I must work very hard at ASU to be able to get into school. According to Occupational Outlook Handbook, in 2014, less than half of all applicants got accepted. There, I will attend four years of veterinary school. I will go through three years of classroom work where I will take many classes about the animal anatomy. My final year will be spent in veterinary hospitals and clinics to better prepare me for my future job. In order for me to be able to start my career in the veterinary field, I have to complete a veterinary program and pass the North American Veterinary License Examination. After doing both, I will train under more experienced veterinarians to learn some of their methods and better understand the things taught in veterinary school. I am looking forward to going to college and veterinary school to learn about my future
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