Why God Allows Suffering

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Everyone goes through suffering at some point in their lives, but many of them never really understand why a good, loving God allows them to go through this pain. Sometimes, it is even hard for them to trust God in their lives when they are going through suffering. They start to question God because if He is such a good and loving God, why would He not just take away their suffering. What most of them don't realize, though, is that God never actually wanted people to go through suffering. It was actually the fault of mankind that there is suffering because they sinned and turned away from God. Although it is not God who causes suffering, He still uses it for good. Many times, God uses it to draw people closer to Him because if they are going through pain, they are very likely to turn to Him. He also teaches lessons to those who suffer and shows who He wants them to be. God is at work in many lives transforming suffering into something great even if it does not seem good at the time. Although humans view suffering as horrible, God has a plan for the future.
At times it may seem like God causes suffering, but actually it is the fault of mankind. In the beginning, God created everyone to have free will because He knew that without free will, no one would be able to make their own choices (Life on Hold). Without being able to make their own choices, there would be no real love because everyone would be forced to love. Everyone would all be programmed to do the same thing, so
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