Why God Can Exist By Alvin Plantinga 's Modal Ontological Argument Essay

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‘A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, “darkness” on the walls of his cell.’ (Lewis, 2015) – C.S. Lewis For some, the soul symbolising purity and all qualities just, is strongly associated with the concept of religion and a God. Religion for theists is crucial and forms a focal point of their beliefs. For atheists, religion and a God in particular, are not worthwhile and are considered a waste of time. (Blackburn, 1999) Hence, the concept of God and whether God exists has been argued and questioned over thousands of years. Countless disputes and contradictory statements have occurred with no such ultimate conclusion finalised. The main crux of this essay is to show how God can exist by referring largely to Alvin Plantinga’s Modal Ontological Argument instead of the outdated, but necessary, Anselm Ontological Argument and definitions. As well as these two forms of reasoning, I will include objections from Averroes, Keene…………. It is often said that one ‘believes’ in a God or a higher power, but the term ‘belief’ is often vague and confused. Simply put, beliefs are supposed to be true. This so-called belief may be considered ‘true’ to you, but to another it is meaningless. When you regard something to be true, you need not be actively reflecting on it. (Schwitzgebel, 2015) Hence, it is not obvious that religion is a matter of truth and could be simply an immersion in a set

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