Why God Can Not Prevent Evil

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Abstract/Thesis: It is this learners goal for this paper to prove that God cannot prevent evil while preserving human free will, that the existence of both evil and God is possible, that it is impossible for God to constantly intervene and preserve the universe. Lastly, Christianity is the only practice providing meaning of life. This learner will attempt to prove these positions by analyzing the writings of Tom Morris, C.S. Lewis and William Lane Craig. Through this essay, this learner plans to bring a sound philosophical theological understanding of how both God and man (His creation) function in theory with each one another. 1. God Can Prevent Evil Actions and Preserve Human Freedom of Will Indeed, atheists will attempt to argue that if there is a perfect being or a God, He could have prevented evil while preserving free will. However, it is of vital importance that if preserving free will exists; then on the other hand, prevention of evil must not exist. Free will is defined as the ability to act or the discretion to choose in correspondence with an individual’s feelings and choices with no outside interference such as natural causality, predestined by divine will, or fate. An individual’s loss of personal freedom places hindrances on an outside force from determining an individual’s behavior but contrarily not the individual themselves. In addition, despite the fact Almighty God can and does intervene in the life man through the use of divine
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