Why Golf Is The Best Sport?

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What comes to your mind when I say the worlds hardest sport? I’m sure many of you are thinking football or baseball maybe even hockey, but how many of you would ever consider golf to be the hardest sport? Unlike the three sports mentioned above in golf you don’t have any teammates to takeover for you if you have a bad game. In golf you don’t get to choose one part of the game to be good at like in football baseball and hockey, you have to be great at every aspect of the game if you want to win. In football every football field measures the same size, in baseball the pitcher is always the same distance away from the batter and hockey rinks are all the same size, however in golf ever course is different and you don’t get a home field …show more content…
open and also ended up being the highest average score in any PGA Major. This course was capable of some crazy things where even having a perfect golf shot would still leave players getting a bogey or worse. This course left even the eventual winner Jordan Spieth nine strokes higher than is usual 72-hole average of 15 under par according to PGA tour stats. The hardest part with ever course being different is that the players are always on their toes when compared to other professional sports who always have half of their games in the safety of their home court. Now I’m not saying that ever golf course is exponential harder than the other but when compared to other sports not really knowing what to conditions to prepare for is what makes golf so difficult. I feel that this quote from Rickie Fowler really sums up golfs difficulties, “All you Can do is really the prep work and make sure you’re ready to hit each golf shot. Outside of that, you’re not sure what’s going to happen.” Now rolling off my first point of every golf course being different this leads me to the point that professional golfers have to be able to play well at every aspect of the game. This is drastically different from every other sport because they have multiple positions, so you don’t have to have the same person throwing the football as the one kicking it off. However, in golf you have the same person driving it

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