Why Graphic Editing Is Important To Me

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A hobby of mine is doing photography, doing graphic edits, and learning new languages. I always enjoy taking pictures of others rather than having pictures of myself being taken. I do not have a camera that I own personally, but when being given a chance to take a picture I always take the opportunity. For me I see taking pictures as a capturing the memory or moment so that you can look back and reminisce on it in the future. I also do graphic edits in the free time as it's something I find fun, but time-consuming depending on what I am doing specifically. The reason why I got into learning how to do graphic edits was because I thought of doing something dealing with both computers and pictures and graphic editing was what came into my mind. When I first tried it out, I grew to love it despite of the difficulty that came with it.…show more content…
The programs that I mostly use is Photoshop and with me being in yearbook for my senior year, I am hoping to learn more about graphic editing than what I know from watching various tutorials online.
I also enjoy learning new languages as it helps me connect with those whose main language is not English. Just recently
I picked up on this hobby and I am enjoying it quite a lot. With learning a new language, it gives me the motivation to wanting to speak with the natives who speak it and see how much I can learn from them. With learning new languages it also represents how open I am towards other cultures as that is what I want to do. I want to experience the culture hands on and I see learning the language as the first step in doing
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