Why Gun Control is Wrong

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Why Gun Control is Wrong Over the past couple of years, gun control has become a major issue in politics in reaction to horrific public shootings involving government buildings and even elementary school children. There have been many heated debates regarding the effectiveness and constitutionality of gun control from both sides of the political spectrum. Although some argue that gun control will lead to a decrease in crime, guns allow individuals to protect themselves when law enforcement cannot, concealed carry helps prevent crime, and the fact that guns are not responsible for crimes caused. A comforting fact about guns is that they enable the common citizen to protect themselves. In some parts of the country, it can take 20 minutes or longer for first responders to arrive. Because of this, a large part of our personal safety depends on our ability to defend ourselves (Gun Control Overview 5). This in itself proves the necessity of firearms for the well-being of the common citizen. There are also numerous colleges that implement what students should do in the event of a shooting in their handbook. “West Virginia University advises students that if the situation is dire, they should “act with physical aggression and throw items at the active shooter.” These items could include ‘student desks, keys, shoes, belts, books, cell phones, iPods, book bags, laptops, pens, pencils, etc.’” (Goldberg 12). The very existence of these policies is evidence that local law enforcement

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