Why Guns Are Bad Essay

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People who carry guns protect themselves and other people in harm’s way so the government needs to keep the Second Amendment. People who carry guns have a better chance of protecting themselves than people who do not have weapons to protect them against angry gunmen. If the government takes this law away, bad people are still going to have guns to shoot up places and people. Then the good people, who carried, are going to be without guns to protect themselves and other people. No matter what the government does, bad people misuse guns and drugs, etc.… Taking away the law is just going to hurt the good people; the responsible people who carry are going to be without while the bad guy is still going to have guns (Nuckols 2). The police are not going to be able to make sure that no gunman is walking around about to shoot a place and innocent people. Responsible people who carry a gun might be able to stop the shooter from killing more people. If they do not have a gun, then there would be no one to stop the shooter from proceeding and killing more and the criminal might get away with it. In addition to paperwork, there should be stricter tests for people to get a carrying permit so not someone who is not responsible to be able…show more content…
This is a reason why the Second Amendment should stay so 33 innocent people do not get shot or killed on a daily basis. People who like to hunt animals such as deer, squirrels and bear some people like the sport they should not be stripped of their weapons that they respect and enjoy. Even just target practicing gun owners should be able to shoot there gun when they please in a safe area (Nuckols 1). “The United States has the largest gun violence then any other country in the world” it is easy for the wrong people to get guns they should make the law to get guns harder and stricter then what they are today (Nuckols
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