Why Guns Should Be Banned

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Oral exam English 1. Banning guns Owning a gun is legal in the USA. Actually, it’s the second amendment. The USA has the highest civilian gun ownership rate in the world. US civilians own about 270 million guns, compared to about 3 million guns owned by the military and less than 1 million guns owned by the police, also in the USA. In 2009, gun deaths actually outraced motor vehicle deaths in 10 US states. The 20% of gun owners possess 60% of all guns in the USA. Gun violence and gun control have been in the news a lot lately. This is because of the recent shooting in Newtown, Connecticut where 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot twenty children, six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School and his mother at their home.…show more content…
It has not deterred them so far, so it is safe to assume that they would continue like always if no one had them. But this would make it easier for law enforcement as well. Now, they know that if anyone is carrying a gun, they are breaking the law, and can act appropriately to see justice is served, preferably by arresting the offender. Against: 1. It’s the second amendment, so it’s legal and it’s the Americans right and they cherish their rights. It makes the country safer, as a lot of people say. 2. It protects families and their property from intruders. You cannot defend your loved ones from an armed intruder if you are unarmed. Guns are used as self-defense and are needed whenever the police fail to provide the services of protection to the general public. 3. Tougher rules won’t keep criminals from obtaining firearms. Guns should not be banned because criminals will now be the only ones who have the guns, holding the general public's safety in danger 4. Guns in schools could save lives. Arm teachers and train the kids even better. The kids at Sandy Hook were trained indeed, just as their teachers. They hid under tables and in closets. The only thing that would have stopped Adam Lanza would have been a gun in the hands of the teacher. 5. The vast majority of gun owners are not all crackpots. It’s just those few who are mentally ill and take a gun and kill innocent people. Most people keep a gun

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