Why Guns Should Be Legal

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The topic on why guns should be legal in chicago is very controversial. What ever side you pick there will be negatives and positives, but the side that the city takes has too many negatives causing deaths and the purchase of unregistered weapons. Others may say that by more people carrying guns it is more likely that they would use them incorrectly; But with the solution posed more citizens would have a gun with a license and safety classes. They would need to take these classes before making their purchased. The Increase of gun laws in chicago cause the violence and deaths in the city. The decrease of strictness would greatly impact the community providing more guns with easy and affordable access to a license for better protection. Guns can be used by people with a license for self defense, gangs provoke the violence, criminals nowadays target areas with less weapons, less laws result in less crime and guns are brought from out of state. In places where gun ownership laws are very gentle there tends to be less crimes while strict laws show more crime. When more people walk around with their guns hidden they can stop crimes from happening faster before the cops could even get to the situation saving lives. “From the 1960’s to 1970’s murders committed by soviet citizens almost entirely without guns equaled or surpassed the lives taken violently in the gun sufficient united states” (How Stuff Works, Culture, Nicholas Gerbis). No matter if there is guns or no guns there will

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