Why Guns Should Not Be Allowed In Schools

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Laws in many governments prohibit carrying a knife. However, carrying a weapon is permitted in come cases, such as the Kirpan, a ceremonial sword worn at all times by followers of the Sikh religion. Nevertheless, ethics and morals do not determine a law. Instead, what is just and unjust is what matters, as John Austin believed, and to some, religion is not a recognizable purpose to carry a weapon. Possession of a knife in itself is not evil; rather the potential for violence creates a need for control and so elimination of the possibility is vital.

(Question 1: What is the purpose of a Kirpan and is it dangerous?)
Often the Kirpan is seen as a controversial Sikh religious symbol. Literally, it means ‘hand of mercy,’ it is a Punjabi word for ‘dagger’ or ‘knife,’ and it symbolizes the holder’s dignity and self-reliance, the
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Laws are meant to provide functionality and be of quality use but if the laws are undermined in this situation it holds little value. Defending school safety standards is an important objective because schools are supposed to provide a safe environment and kirpans appear to be of a threatening nature resulting in a negative impact the school atmosphere. Cases of violence in a school setting are low but threats have been reported. Sikhs are walking around with a dagger while others are left unarmed. These others being fellow teachers and children. Appropriately, prohibiting weapons is rational and necessary because of the numerous risks. Supporting religion is great however if the same rules apply to others, it offer more equality. In other words, knives for everybody or knives for no one. It’s about religious freedom not religious privilege. It gives them extra rights above others but in Canada freedom can be limited where they conflict with other freedoms. There are ways to wear a kirpan without threatening others safety. Some Sikhs might say it defeats the purpose but many are willing to
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