Why Guns Should Not Be Taken Away All Together

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Guns all around the world have done harm to people such as killing them, but has also saved the lives of people as a use of protection, which is why I believe that guns should not be taken away all together. It is in my hope that I can get people to understand that guns have a meaning behind them both good and bad and that regulations within the gun control need to be set in place. A safety and mandatory training should be in place for anyone who is purchasing a gun. To be able to get a gun or firearm one must go through a training process of however many hours a week for however long to be cleared to own and carry a gun to ensure confidence in knowing how to use one and for the safety of a person. The chosen target audience for this topic would be anyone that has or is thinking about purchasing a gun. It is pointed towards this audience because accidents and deaths occur all the time and put people in danger when one does not know how to use a gun properly. This mandatory training will not only teach one how to use a gun but will also ensure that the people that are sold a gun had the training and are aware of the safeties and can shoot at an accuracy. This will stop many of the accidents from happening, allowing for people to feel safe and confident that the owners of a gun are trained in how to use it. After reading this message, it is hopeful that the audience’s response would be to step back and take a safety training course if one owns a gun. I feel it should be
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