Why Guns are not the Problem

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Just the other day an off duty police officer was getting money from an ATM machine when out of the corner of his eye he saw a cashier frantically putting money into a bag with a man right in front of her. When the police officer presented himself as an off duty the man got down on his knees and said, “I’m not going to jail you are going to have to shoot me.” And as the man said that he was reaching into his back pocket for a gun, in doing so the police officer had to open fire killing the man. Now, people will be saying for this incident that the police officer potentially saved a life. But what many people do not know is that these types of stories happen all the time and of these stories the only time they are shared with the public is if it’s a man being killed(“Off-Duty Officer Shoots Man During Attempted Walgreens Robbery”). Many believe because of the so many deaths that guns are the problem that should be taken care of. But this paper is here to tell why it isn’t the guns fault for the deaths we have today. What if every year guns were used about 80 times more to save a life than to take one. Well, they do, guns save roughly 2,400,000 lives each year! So imagine the 30,000 deaths, (homicides, accidents, and suicides) and then multiply that by 80. That is roughly the amount of lives saved each year compared to being murders or accidents. Not only is this a good thing that lives are being saved like that but felons were polled asking if they would mess with someone
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