Why Hamilton Has Heat Analysis

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Article Review of ‘Why Hamilton Has Heat’ How much are you willing to pay for music? How much are you willing to pay for a Broadway ticket? The latest Broadway hit ‘Hamilton’ is having tickets being sold for as high as $3,334 with seats sold out until January 2018(Hyman 3). It is basic knowledge that Broadway shows are popular, but I was not aware that a Broadway show could achieve this much attention! I have witnessed friends who never showed interest in theatre performances and history be obsessed with such a topic! This brought myself to decide to read an article that would help my understanding how and why ‘Hamilton’ is so great. In the article “Why ‘Hamilton’ Has Heat” by Erik Piepenburg I have found through Google. Piepenburg…show more content…
This is a New Yorker writing a review on a New York show, so I was able to expect biasty. There are many paths the writer could have approached with its topic of ‘Why Hamilton Has Heat.’ If a writer thought that ‘Hamilton’ does not deserve the popularity and success it received, there would have been sources of negative reviews and mentions of better options to watch on Broadway considering its over-hyped-ness. But instead, Piepenburg only praises the theatrical phenomenon and reveals his biasty with implications of well-deserved rewards. The writer does not dive in deep when assuming that historians are fans of the show by virtue of not pointing out any historical inaccuracy. For example, a historical inaccuracy in the show is a whole musical number; where Alexander Hamilton consults with Aaron Burr on writing the constitution when in fact, there was no evidence of Hamilton consulting Burr at all on writing the constitution(Carra…show more content…
This advertisement found on Google, is a simply zoomed-up hand is different than any normal hand due to its colossal, bulky, green, and appears to be a Marvel Universe’ popular character; the Hulk. The fictional superhero, the Hulk, is known for its aggressiveness and strong outrageous powers. Many kids, especially young boys, are inspired by such a figure for being so mighty. Enabling such a strong and mighty superhero to have a scant band-aid on is figuratively speaking that it is favorable to ask for help, even in minor situations! Some kids may have the problem with pride and do not want to submit to band-aid protection. Revealing this kind of vulnerability and keeping up with the green appearance of the advertisement makes the ad truly effective. Eye may not realize how color scheme is so important and effective to a worthy advertisement and how green signifies strength, safety, and healing powers(The Color Green 1). Therefore this ad is an effective ad for kids and its
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