Why Has Utopian Literature Remained Popular Essay

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All works of Utopian literature are designed to present ideologies and protest. Through this they have maintained their popularity whilst retaining the ability to reformulate. This ability to reformulate itself has created a way for authors to explore and investigate ideologies and protests whilst keeping the issues contextual to the time. More has done this extremely well, establishing the genre at the beginning of the 16th century, in his novella Utopia. By using Rafael as the narrator he successfully presents his alternative of a communistic style state where everyone is equal, whilst keeping him safe; also convincing them that it was a non-fiction text and as a result protecting himself from punishment. He did this so successfully that…show more content…
But what the play is really doing is making us question the gender roles that currently exist. * De Groen does this by cleverly switching the roles of men and women in the imaginary society of the late twentieth century. * For example, in the imaginary society, women have the powerful jobs such as doctor and men are in lesser roles such as the orderly in the hospital. * In the opening scene Audra, the doctor, is a woman portrayed with traditional male characteristics, strong and dominant, unemotional, and says to Wayne “you’re cute, you’re funny, you make me laugh, and when I can get you to shut up, I like going to bed with you. That’s all there is to it”. * Wayne is portrayed as traditionally female, needy and emotional because he wants more from the relationship. Catch 22 uses its odd and dysfunctional characters and plots to portray the absurdity of war. * For example, in one scene Colonel Cathcart is feeling generous and tries to promote the absurdly named Major Major Major Major but he is rebuked by his superiors as they only have one Major Major Major Major and don’t want to lose him. Colonel Cathcart then sulkily threatens to bust Major Major Major Major down to Lieutenant and is teased by his colleague Colonel Corn who points out that they probably won’t let him do this either, for the same reason. * In another scene, Doc Daneeka is
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