Why Have Smartphones Ruined Our Generation?

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Jonathon Dill
English 110
Professor D. Lehman
28 September 2017
Have Smartphones Ruined Our Generation?
I have had many times where I have been invited to a party or even to go get something to eat. Nine times out of ten I would and still will say no. This is because I have a passion for gaming. I love to play video games so much that it gets in the way of me spending time with my friends. Sometimes I only leave my room to go eat and go to the bathroom. My personal relationships are at stake with this obsession. If I do not receive an invitation, then I wonder why I did not get one. Was it the way I act or did I make them mad? The real reason is that I have not put myself in the position that benefits me to make a better personal connection with each of these people. I have a friend group that will play games with me all day and that is how I connect with them. Once doing so, I feel like I have wasted the day
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Going through twitter is like going to a Michigan football game wearing an Ohio State jersey. All different kinds of names are thrown back and forth. The only difference being is that when you at this football game its face to face: whereas online you can stay anonymous. Bullying is a big issue today. In some people’s cases, it is the cool thing to do. In Twenge’s article, she states that “Teens who spend three hours a day or more on electronic devices are 35 percent more likely to have a risk factor for suicide, such as making a suicidal plan. (That’s much more than the risk related to say, TV.)” (Twenge 2017). The risk is lower if you are watching TV because there is less of a chance that you will see hate rather than going on social media. When signing up for a Twitter or Instagram, you are expected to know that there is a risk for bullying. If you cannot deal with it there are ways around it as is, making your profile private or as simple as not signing up (Twenge
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