Why Hemp Prduction Should Be Legal in the Us

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Uses of Hemp and its Potential Contributions to the United States
Hemp is a crop that has been used for many things for many years. The fibers are used for things such as clothes, construction materials, paper, carpet, oil, food, cosmetics, food, and many other things. The hemp industry has been around for as long as ten thousand years. There was a piece of hemp fabric found from around eight thousand BC showing its importance to many civilizations throughout the years. Nowadays, hemp is an agricultural commodity in many nations. Canada is known to be one of the largest hemp growers in the world and use it for a large number of industries. Some countries export hemp products all around the world and use it as a vital part of their
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Hemp on the other hand is never grown for smoking. The purpose of growing hemp is for the multitude of uses of the stalk fibers.
When looking at hemp from an environmental standpoint, it is a very healthy crop for the earth. From planting all the way to using its products, hemp is a very environmentally friendly plant. As it grows, hemp fertilizes the soil through its complex and deep root systems as well as the top soil that comes from the shedding of leaves. The soil, the water and the air are not polluted during the growth of hemp. Pesticides are rarely used giving clean water runoff. This differs from crops like cotton because when cotton is grown, the soil becomes nutrient deficient and the soil becomes less desirable. There have been farmers who claim hemp has steadily been grown in the same locations every year for nearly one hundred years.
Many people are concerned about the use of trees for paper. Hemp would be a great alternative to this issue as well because the amount of pulp a farmer can get from hemp over a season is much more than timber. Trees take many years to grow and hemp is replenished in a matter of months. The process of turning hemp into paper uses much less contamination in the pressing and bleaching processes. Other interesting facts about hemp paper are described in Hemp: The New, Old Fiber Makes a Comeback for Clothes, Fabrics and Home Furnishings. “Hemp fiber paper resists decomposition and does

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