Why High School Football Shouldn't Be Banned.

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Vern M. Rotruck Lyndsey Daniel Comp I MWF 12:00 19 November 2014 Why High School Football Shouldn’t Be Banned. Football, ever since it began, has had the constant question of should it be banned. Footballs origins began back in ancient Greece where even then it was known as a very rough and brutal game. When football came to England it was thought to be so rough that kings Henry II and Henry IV both actually banned it. A lot has changed since those times in history. We now have equipment for the game and every year the equipment keeps evolving into a more safety conscious design for the player. Rules for the game also keep changing throughout the years with the player’s safety in mind as well. Because of these changes, it has…show more content…
Other colleges will take a lower grade point average but none of them will go below a 2.5gpa. Colleges also look at high school kids ACT’s that they take to see how well they place on them. So Academic Excellence in football is a must have for each player and thus gets rid of the old day dumb jock idea that was widely popular in the earlier years of football. “Each year, the NCAA publicly announces the Graduation Success Rate of all Division I institutions, along with a similar Division II Academic Success Rate. According to the most recent Graduation Success Rate data, 82 percent of Division I freshmen scholarship student-athletes who entered college in 2004 graduated. The graduation-rate data are based on a six-year cohort prescribed by the U.S. Department of Education.” (Graduation Success Rate) For many kids a scholarship is the only way they have to be able to attend college either because their parents don’t have the money for it or else the college they are wanting is so high in tuition fees etc. that they just can’t afford it especially if it’s an out of state college. In state colleges normally run no more than about seven thousand dollars a year depending on where the individual lives. Out of state colleges can charge a student up to twenty-five thousand dollars a

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