Why High School Should Start Later Research Paper

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”Teens need at least 8.5 hours of sleep a night”, says Jilly Dos Santos, a teenager who launched a campaign to start her school later in Columbia, Missouri, you would think anyone- especially teens would want to take advantage of those hours especially on a school night but, with high school times as early as 7:05, the body itself has complications falling asleep leading students to wake up late because of sleeping in the next morning which leads to students rushing out the door not having time to eat breakfast. High school times should start between 8 to 9. Sleeping for a short period of time for adolescents could lead to health risks and having loved ones affected as well.

It’s better for specifically high schools to start later in the morning because the body’s circadian rhythm shifts during adolescence making it difficult for teens to fall asleep early, instead what it does is makes adolescents sleepy after 10 which causes minimal time to sleep and making it harder for the teen to focus the
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With high schools starting later teens would be at rest and not forcing their bodies to fall asleep at a certain time and if they do happen to wake up before school starts with 8 or more hours of sleep, it would be a great opportunity for them to study or add on to notes. It would also leave time for the student to eat breakfast and feel energized.
In conclusion high schools should start later so that adolescents won’t be at health risks and their estate will be positive and well-rounded and ready to work making it easier not only for the student but also the teachers! “well -rested kids learn better,” says Heather Macintosh, of Start School Later. “They're happier, they get better grades, and their bodies are
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