Why High Schools Should Be Mandatory

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No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone. I have witnessed the power of mandated community service first hand, through my own school’s service project for needy families. Working together with classmates and the student body, a multitude of families were given essential items, and students were taught communication, teamwork, and empathy. Community service provides many lessons and skills to the student while arguments against the program are flawed. High schools should make community service mandatory.
High schools should mandate civil service for the benefit of their students and their communities. Community service is essential to promoting a moral center for communities, bettering the individual, keeping communities alive,
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Washington-Lee High School successfully operated a no requirement volunteer system and were able to help their community (Bahrampour, 78). This only proves that systems with no mandated service can work, but makes no claims on if they are more efficient or if mandated systems are not beneficial. This case study proves volunteer work can have positive effects, effects that can be multiplied under a mandated system. “Two studies suggest that community service requirements can have negative effects on students’ intentions to volunteer freely in the future but only when students feel they aren’t ready to volunteer or that the requirement is too controlling” (Stukas, Mark, Clary, 78-79). These studies do not present sufficient reason to not mandate civil service, as this lack of future was easily mitigated when the system was applied with student freedom, even in students who were not ready to volunteer. A system applied poorly will have poor results, but that is not a reason not to use the system. Arguments against mandating civil service fail to provide sufficient warrant to prove their
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