Why Hiring More Police Officers

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There are several reasons why hiring more police officers does not reduce crime rates. First, if we increased our nation’s police force, the number of actual police officers per 10,000 citizens would continue to be insignificant because the police officer’s presence is already distributed very thin. Second, in spite of a large and noticeable police existence some criminals are not discouraged from committing crimes. Third, many crimes cannot be successfully stopped by police patrol because they are committed behind closed doors and occur in the heat of the moment (burglary and domestic violence). Fourth, if we hire an additional 100,000 police officers we would most likely not see a decline in crime because only 10% of those 100,000 newly hired police officers are on the streets patrolling and showing a presence. Police officers cannot work 24 hours a day and at best one officer is only used for 1/3 of the day. We also need to take into consideration even less time police officers are on patrol for reasons such as sickness, vacations, family emergencies, and training. Furthermore, police officers need to transport arrested individuals to correctional facilities, fill out paperwork, and carryout other duties which keep them from showing a police presence. -Chapter 3 Pages 48-49
The 311 system is a nonemergency alternative to the well-known 911 system. People estimate 40% to 80% of all 911 calls are used for non-emergencies, because people dial 911 too readily. The key…
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