Why Hitler Became The Dictator Of Germany

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When Adolf Hitler became the dictator of Germany in 1933, his opportunity to spread hatred towards Jews began. Due to a 17 year old Jew named Hershel Grynzpan who shot and killed a member of the German staff, Hitler decided to take extreme measures and eliminate the Jewish race (“Assassination”). With the help of his complaint Nazi members, he captured 300,000 Jews in Kristallnacht; a night in which Nazis completely destroyed Jewish property. They were taken to concentration camps where they were experimented on or killed. As the extermination of all Jews began, many of them started fleeing the country; however, few countries, including the United States offered to succor (Wyman ix). Many of the Jews who tried to enter the United States were neglected and told to go back to Germany. During this time, Franklin D Roosevelt was the president of the United States. When the news that a plan to exterminate all Jews reached the U.S in 1942, the entire nation including the government was skeptical (Wyman 61). However, after many reports of the killings were sent to the U.S State Department from Germany, The U.S finally realized that “The Final Solution” was true. Although, the U.S and FDR were fully informed of the fact that Jews were in danger, they did not help them. Therefore, the United States government’s lack of action on the Jewish Refugee Crisis furthered the harm of millions of Jews.
Four and a half million Jews were living in the United States by the the time Hitler came…
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