Why Homosexuality Is Not Just An Issue

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People to be Loved--A Critical Book Review Introduction. In People to be Loved-Why Homosexuality is not Just an Issue, Preston Sprinkle goes into an in depth discussion about homosexuality and how it is not just about being an issue and sin, homosexuality is about the treatment of the people. The tone of this book is conversational, making the understanding of the issues at hand much easier to comprehend. Summary. In People to be Loved, Sprinkle wrestles with the ideas of homosexuality in the Bible, as well as, reflecting us back to real life stories of people who fit under the category of “homosexual”. There is an ongoing debate about what the Bible really says about homosexuality, which shows readers that many Christians today are very big hypocrites--the harsh treatment of these people who classify as homosexual. The Bible gives a clear example of how we should treat ALL people, regardless of their sins, and that is through the life of Jesus. He never treated anyone other than in a loving, caring manner. In the latter part of the book, Sprinkle goes into depth about how the majority of people--Christians-- confuse the differences of lifestyle (behavior) with attraction. This is the major issue that, once distinguished, can settle the mindset of many of these people. Before judging someone who is classified as gay/lesbian, etc., get to know their story. Ask them questions about how they are, and what they mean by calling themselves homosexual. Arguments of
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