Why Honey By Raymond Carver

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Why, honey? is a short story written by Raymond Carver. The story has been written in the form of a mother’s letter describing the problematic and untrustful relationship between a fearing mother and her son. Fear, trust and desperation are constantly present in this story which Carver has written to hint a treacherous and heartless image of powerful people masked into a story about a boy and a mother.
In the very beginning you can see that you are reading a letter as the story starts with the words “Dear Sir,”. In the very first paragraph the author already creates a feeling of something being wrong as the mother tells she is afraid of her son. Immediately the reader gets to know that her son is famous. He’s been on newspapers several times
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She tells about how their cat had died because someone had put firecrackers in her ears. The neighbor had seen two boys doing it and thought one of them was the son. The mother wouldn’t believe it but sounds like she’s realised in the future that it was in fact her son.
The mother goes on to describe several occasions of her sons lies which seem to get worse and worse. First, he lied about his paycheck. Next he started lying about where he’d been and the mother never quite understood why he made up these lies when it wouldn’t have made any difference if he’d just told the truth. Then, when he was in senior year of high school, he bought a car and a gun. This is when he mother starts to get even more worried and fear comes into play when she finds a shirt covered in blood in the car. She asks her son about it but he just smiles it off and says it was a nosebleed.
Fear and trust become even more highlighted at this point and the mother starts losing her sleep. She finally builds up the courage to talk to her son about all their trust problems but when trying to express how she feels the son makes her kneel as to show that he is the one with the power in their family. He leaves the following night never to be seen again and the mother has since only heard rumors of his life situation and
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She tells about how she started fearing, like anyone having gone through those experiences probably would have, and changed her name and address just to hide from her son who she used to love so much and who is now a powerful governor with several vassals. The difference between personalities is even more highlighted but at the same time they merge into a scary combination. The son who took power over his mother and lied to her has studied and educated himself to rise in the political hierarchy, now taking power over millions of people and possibly having reached his position with the same habit of lying he’s had since he was a kid. It makes you wonder and hope this isn’t what powerful people are truly
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