Why Hook Up Is Important

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A bond between two human beings who have some sort of a connection is called a relationship. Typically, it would be for deep personal reasons. It could also be a need that your body is asking for and it won’t stop bothering you. Multiple reasons can drive a human being into a relationship, and I think we all jump into it hoping we are making the right decision. The results that could be discovered can completely change someone's life for the better or for the worst. A relationship is something that should be taken seriously and should mean something significant because it could lead to unnecessary and detrimental influences not only for the ones in the relationship but to society as well. In today’s society, young adults can “hook up” with almost anybody who is desperate enough to fulfill a desire like their physical need. We live in a place that has evolved in ways that should be kept private have become public, which isn’t a horrible thing, but sometimes certain topics should be kept on the low and to ourselves. It has become evident that people also do a one time thing which ends well or unpropitiously. To prove the point, it's possible to end up in marriage and be jolly for a while, but then…show more content…
There could be something going on at home like domestic violence, or discrimination by someone in your family. It's healthy for the relationship to have a sturdy communication. It would be easier for both of them to understand their situation. Sometimes only having a strong bond with someone causes people into committing into something as important as a relationship. Communication will help the both people “stick around in a relationship longer” (Hairston). Set an example for your family and maybe that will help in changing the way you are being treated. Setting an example will show others how to behave in a commitment and help them not make that many
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