Why Horse Racing Should Be Banned

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Tuesday November the 4th marked another Melbourne Cup, promising a day filled with champagne, crowds and colour. 1000s of spectators, staff and jockeys had lined up in the hope of cashing in on some success. Unfortunately this was not the case for the owners of Admire Rakti or Araldo, who tragically died after the race. This sudden and shocking news has re-ignited the issue of whether horse racing should be banned in Australia. Ironically this issue is driven on both sides by the same impulse: the love of the horse. Organisations including the coalition for the protection of racehorses along with animal welfare groups are concerned about the treatment and well-being of the horses. Similarly, horse owners, jockeys and staff’s main focus is the welfare of the horse.
This debate has resulted in a massive over-reaction to two undoubtedly sad but very unfortunate events. How could we even contemplate abolishing a segment of Australian life that is vitally important, both economically and culturally? It’s madness! Okay, so the events on November 4th highlighted, perhaps, the need to be ever-mindful of adapting the requirements of the sport so that it is as humane and as safe as possible. But does it compel society to ban horse racing? The answer is NO!
Didn’t we all have that one thing that we loved so dearly when we were growing up? It may have been the teddy that you always lost or your favourite blanket that you could not sleep without. Admit it. We’ve all had that…

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