Why Hunting Should Be For Providing Food And Resources As Needed

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Oh Deer There are multiple and personal ways to look at hunting, such as a way to provide life or even a sport. There are also different tactics in hunting, such as high fence, low fence, endangered, poaching and etc. Ethically I believe the means of hunting should purposely be for providing food and resources as needed. "More than 38 million Americans hunt and fish," as stated by These statistics were in 2012 and records have concluded that the numbers have increased since then making hunting a higher demand. I believe as a hunter you should have a purpose for killing an animal. For example, many hunt for the meat, but you can utilize the rest of the animal for different resources, like bones or antlers being made into knives. Responsible hunters should be defined as respectful to natural resources because hunting provides a way of life and population control. Surveys are taken across the United States in various ways. In Texas we have multiple ways in how we calculate the white tailed deer population. Right now, our current ratio of doe’s to bucks is 10:1. We are overpopulated in both genders, but mainly in doe’s which is why were limited on how many bucks we are allowed to kill per season. For the hunting season of 2015-2016, you were allowed to kill 5 white tailed deer in total; only 3 are allowed to be bucks or antlerless while the remaining 2 are strictly antlerless deer. Texas harvests the largest amount of white tailed deer in the country
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