Why I Am A Athlete

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Not only was I running because I missed the track team, but because it helped me get away from the real world. All throughout the summer and into the beginning of the school year, I did the same thing, train. Always found myself running around Cherokee Lake and on treadmills at the gym. I was really determined to better myself as a runner. Finally, it was track season again. I wasn’t nervous, had all the confidence in the world, considering that I made the team my freshman year of high school; I figured I would make the team my sophomore year. The amount of excitement I had for tryouts was ridiculous. Numerous times, my dad listened to me talk about track season and upcoming tryouts. My dad is my trainer and biggest supporter. He helps me maintain my speed and endurance. We try to focus on my endurance because that is where I specifically lack due to my condition of asthma. In addition to my dad being my trainer and supporter, he is my personal coach. Constantly telling me what to correct, how to correct it, and not to hesitate on any move I make. By the time tryouts had come about, I was encouraging my friends and new freshman. I kept telling them the things I needed to be saying to myself. During tryouts, I had very tough decisions to make. Going against my mom’s wishes to miss a day of tryouts is not what I wanted to happen, but I wanted to secure a spot on the team. Although I knew she was upset, I couldn’t sacrifice a day of tryouts to go out of town. After the
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