Why I Am A Better College Counselor

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I have a lot of students with behavioral issues, who also have a ton of responsibilities which plays a role on their decisions. Because I am in a school, I am unable to provide long days and hours of counseling. I am requested to provide quick solutions to students who face issues within their lifestyles. I find solution-focused and reality therapy most effective for the population that I work with daily. I was feeling so empowered because now I was able to be a better college counselor. I was beginning to understand the correlation between the thoughts and behaviors of my students. National Louis University counseling field caused me to understand a lot. I am a changed person. I see things differently in regards to how students think,…show more content…
I always want my students to feel that I am attentive, and that I care regardless of the situation. As internship two approached, I noticed that many students came to me for assistance before many of the other support personnel. Despite the case, many students felt comfortable to come to me about their issues as well as others. Building trust was very easy for me within the high school setting. As trust was built, I noticed that it assisted me with building rapport for other students. I haven’t had the opportunity to run a group counseling session. Running a group would potentially be my area of improvement. I remember the feelings of uneasiness when running a group during the group course. I desire to challenge myself to run and establish groups in the future. Upon beginning my practicum, I noticed that I struggled with working with disrespectful students. It was hard to push back my values and morals to assist students who naturally disrespected others. In my mind, I saw disrespect as a sign that I did something to receive that response. Overtime, I learned that students can behave irrational when they are frustrated or bothered. Sometimes, they may not know how to handle situations that occurred prior to my interaction with them which causes them to become disrespectful. These areas have improved by me working with the students about steps to take when they are frustrated. I’ve noticed students become more vocal about things that they are experiencing beforehand.
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