Why I Am A Computer Program

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Whilst other children my age were out playing in the sun, I was indoors tinkering with an old desktop I put together. The refurbished systems disposed of by were like treasures to me. Every other day I would climb into the skips to find components I could use to upgrade my system. I remember feeling ecstatic about the fact that I had literally built the system from scratch, installed an operating system and could browse the internet using a dial-up CD provided by AOL. Given the lack of security software at the time, it was not long before I was confronted by a virus. The start bar had vanished and I could not control the mouse or keyboard, and upon every reboot, a daunting logo image would be maximized, rendering my desktop useless. I was furious but also curious as to how a person could create such a program. It wasn 't the malicious nature of the program itself which sparked my curiosity, more so the fact that this individual had created something that did exactly as they wanted. I decided I would attempt to find out how one can write a program and came across Visual Basic 6 after a few yahoo searches. After writing my first Hello World program, I managed to maximize an image on the desktop and disabled both mouse and keyboard input. I then had the program run at start-up, recreating the initial behaviour of the virus. This motivated me to continue learning through trial and error and after a year had passed, I felt proficient enough to not only answer threads on most of
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