Why I Am A Crime Scene Investigator

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Where do I see myself in four years? I see myself graduating with the Core 40 Technical Honors diploma. Also going to college to become a Crime Scene Investigator. I 'm not really sure where I want to go yet because I haven 't really thought about it yet. I 've thought about doing other things in the criminology field but nothing else really stands out to me. I don 't know if this is what I will continue to want so maybe in those four years it will change but I 'm not really sure yet. So for now my four year plan is to go to college and take the necessary classes to become a Crime Scene Investigator. My strengths are being reliable, independent, hard working, and a good communicator. I’m reliable because I am someone is always there for there for other people. I am also very dedicated and dependable. I am independent because I don’t like to rely on other people. I try manage everything I can by myself. I m hard working because am devoted and determined to follow though with, and try to do my absolute best at everything I do. I am willing what is expected of asked of me. I am a good communicator because I listen to other peoples thoughts. Also I am confident in myself and use good body language. I am open minded because I will always think about or consider other peoples ideas. My Interests are reading, and writing.Tt 's important to have to the ability to communicate effectively in writing can actually. It 's hard to read emotions and other subtle things like
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