Why I Am A Dentist

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I had no idea that my path to dentistry had started years before I ever realized I wanted to become a dentist. Given that I was brought up in a somewhat strict household, and that I was essentially raised in a church, I was encouraged to invest in three areas, which would later become my passions and greatly equip me for a career in health professions and specifically dentistry. Those areas being education, music, and communication. My father once told me, “If you are going to do something, do it without shortcuts because if you fail, you can only blame yourself. If you want to have a new skill or see something grow, you should be the one to take the first step.” First, my father held me accountable in education and encouraged the best from me at all times. When it came time to complete my undergraduate studies and then take my DAT, his accountability provided to be more than useful. Although my father allowed me to keep my options open and never pushed me towards any one field, he instilled in me a work ethic that allowed me to consider competitive higher education such as dentistry if I wanted to pursue health. I consider this a great advantage when pursuing the field of dentistry because it has given me the confidence of knowing that no matter how difficult the education may be, I will have the ability to keep my focus on the goal and accomplish it even when it becomes difficult. Second, as a teenager I found myself drawn to the guitar, often playing for five to six

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