Why I Am A Doctor

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What is the purpose of your life? Do you understand the privilege of your education and profession? The questions posed by my boyfriend during my internship at the medical college in a small village, chinakakani close to my hometown. I met him in the second year of my medical school. I did not ponder the questions seriously at that time. In fact, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of being a doctor, the profession considered highly noble and respectable. As a child, I found science amusing. My mom, a social teacher and my dad, a bank clerk, emphasized the importance of education from my childhood. Growing back in India, I was expected to be a doctor or an engineer as every student that did well at school. After excelling the highly competitive entrance test; I finally chose to be a doctor. I was the first person to become the doctor in my family. Medical school opened the doors for me into a new world. I started exploring not only with academics but also with my leadership qualities. For three years, I have worked with the student dining services and cultural committee of the college.

I attained considerable medical knowledge by the end of the fourth year. Being the eldest among the three sisters, caring and understanding and were natural to me. I was compassionate and understanding towards the patients. I would like to share one occasion with you this day; it was my OB & GYN rotation during the internship. I was on the 24-hour call in the labor ward. It was busy and I was
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