Why I Am A Doctor

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“Don’t consider yourself a real physician except when you practice medicine at its best” by these words, Dr Hassib, my medicine professor ended his final lecture in medical school. His words were always in the back of my mind when I graduated with Excellent with Highest Honours and got accepted in the best internal medicine program in Egypt, Cairo University. I thought I reached the peak of my dreams, but through the following years I realized that my journey didn’t begin yet. Back from where it first started, I believe that I grew up with medicine in my blood. I can still remember how I was really fascinated when my father who is a veterinary pathologist brought his first microscopy at home. I was captured by how things appeared under that light and it drove the curiosity in me to know more and more. A curiosity that grew as the years passed and was reflected in my tremendous interest in science and my passion toward solving puzzles and revealing mysteries. A passion and interest that was guided into medicine when I knew my dad had Hepatitis C, wondering why doctors kept telling him it has no curative treatment at that time. During whole seven years of medical school, I enjoyed every single moment, however, from the first day of my internal medicine rotation, I found my niche. I was fascinated by the intellectual stimulation that I felt during solving complex problems and searching for diagnosis. In addition to the energy and compassion needed to care for a patient. I

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