Why I Am A Doctor

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When I was three years old I told everyone I was going to be a doctor. I always knew from then on that I would be in the medical field but I never knew exactly what I wanted to do, until I was a freshman in high school. I became interested in athletic training and here is how I became interested. Two outs, I was on first, and the score was a tight 2-3.When the pitcher released the ball I decided to steal second base. I slide through second base and I went over the base I felt a sharp pain radiate through my leg. I began to scream aloud and the audience quickly silenced. Everyone stops moving and began to look in my direction. I knew everyone was wondering why I was on my back holding my knee in the air and rolling around screaming. My coach ran up to me asking me what was wrong but I had no idea what was causing the pain. As the pain radiated through my leg, my coaches picked me off to remove me from the playing field. No one there had any idea what was wrong with my leg so they shoved me in the car and rushed me to the nearest hospital thinking something was severely wrong. I got several x-rays and visited the doctor several times to find out I had only sprained my knee. This could only be healed with time and therapy. Had the team had someone at the game who knew what they were doing, the hospital visit could have been avoided and the sprain could have been iced and wrapped more quickly.
Physical activities are a huge part in many people’s life whether they recognize
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