Why I Am A Doctor

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With a veterinarian father who worked as a specialist in food hygiene and control, I grew up with great appreciation of public service. Making a difference in people 's lives has become my career goal, so becoming a doctor was an ideal path to achieve that.
During medical school, I participated in many public health initiatives through the International Federation of Medical Students ' Associations. I led local campaigns and worked on publications to raise awareness on breast cancer, tuberculosis, smoking, breastfeeding interruption, female genital mutilation, HIV/AIDS, and other global health issues.
Working as a physician in Egypt, I quickly realized that I could be more effective in solving health problems if I integrated a public health approach with my clinical background. One of the encounters during my time as an intern exemplifies how epidemiologic insight would have been useful. My resident in the pediatric gastroenteritis unit had a strong belief that pacifiers were the cause of repeated visits and used to gather mothers and lecture them about his assumption. This would have warranted an epidemiologic investigation and an evaluation of my resident 's presumed intervention.
Because of these experiences, it was a logical step for me to pursue a career in public health. After medical school, I enrolled in the MPH program at New York University (NYU). In addition to the coursework, I worked on a number of projects within NYU Prevention Research Center and NYU Center
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