Why I Am A Doctor

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“What profession you wish to be in?” asked a neighboring uncle who was visiting my father. For a little girl in me happy playing with fake stethoscope and syringe the answer was simple “I want to be a doctor”. Growing up, in a countryside environment witnessing both the medical and non-medical hardships of people, it did not take much time to realize that doctors are very much more than people dealing with syringe’s and stethoscopes. They play a fine balance between a friend and care giver in the lives of patients for whom the very treatment could be a life changing experience. The desire to be a physician just got stronger, when I saw my ever willing physician sister help the underserved, needy people devoid of medical attention and the immense love and respect they showered on her.
By joining a well reputed medical school, I made my every step count towards attaining my dream goal of being a physician. On one end school provided me with vital education and imbibed in me the culture of continuous learning, application, and improvisation of clinical knowledge and on other end the compulsory rotation at state hospital provided much needed practical exposure to real life circumstances.
After compulsory rotation, with the interest for a broad field of medicine and overall body, I joined the rural sub-district hospital as Assistant Doctor in my community. It gave me immense pleasure to serve the people who were integral part of my day to day life. Apart from independently

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