Why I Am A Doctor

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Kristen Yang
Composition II
Professor Rose
As If The Path To Medicine Wasn’t Difficult Enough In elementary school when we would do “All About Me” projects, I would always write that my dad was a doctor. From the fact that he graduated from medical school in China, worked at a hospital, and always watched Grey’s Anatomy, I just assumed that he was a physician. It wasn’t until middle school when I began volunteering at the hospital he worked at when I realized that he spent his day analyzing blood samples rather than examining patients. When I asked him why he wasn 't practicing medicine, he would vaguely state that he didn’t take some test and that was the end of the conservation. I was confused as to why he would let a single test prevent him from practicing medicine. I even began to think that my dad was just too lazy to go through with the test. However, the reality is that this the test is a grueling and expensive five-day exam with over a thousand questions. Not only that, but passing the exam is just one of the many steps foreign-trained physicians must complete still to acquire U.S. medical licenses. My dad, much like thousands of other foreign-trained physicians, gave up his life-saving skills and professional identity when he arrived in the U.S. The process for a foreign-trained physician to acquire a U.S. medical license can take up to a decade and is rarely completed. First, individuals must apply to a nonprofit organization that…

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