Why I Am A English?

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English Composition has taught me countless different skills that I can now apply to future writing projects. Among many things, the three lessons that I got the most use out of are the following; how to correctly structure an essay, different methods of writing, and the personal growth that I’ve had since taking this class. With English being my second language, it is difficult for me to express myself in writing form. It is extremely frustrating to have countless ideas and opinions that I would like to share with an audience, but because I am not comfortable with writing, I stay silent for many things. Taking this course has helped me open up as a person and express some of my views. Writing is a form of art that many people forget about or avoid. Art is a beautiful subject that help many people express themselves. Art comes in numerous forms, for example, drawing, painting, music, dance, and even writing. I believe that it is important to keep art alive as it shows the beauty of the world through a multitude of eyes. That is why I will vouch that reading and writing need to be kept active in every culture.

One of the main resources I got out of this course was how to structure a correct essay. This helped me while writing essay and also gave me the balance I needed to keep my essays organize. When structuring an essay the first thing to do is to write the introduction. Learning how to structure helped me try to write a captivating introductions. A well arranged
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