Why I Am A Friend

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Usually when you meet a friend when you are little there is an unlikely chance you will be friends forever. Well not with me, I was 5 years old when I first met this boy named Nick. We met in our Kindergarten class and have been best friends ever since. He lived right down the street from me and walked to my house every day for the bus stop. We were together so much; people thought we were actually related. Throughout elementary school, middle school, and part of high school we were always together. As we grew up nothing really changed except for junior year of high school. Junior year I switched schools and I wasn’t able to see him all the time. Being that I did go to a different school, I was out of the loop of anything that happened.
One night I went to my parents saying I was worried about Nick. I had a conversation with my mom about wondering what happened. Being that I usually worry about every little thing, we only talked for a little bit and told me to go to sleep. I texted Nick that night saying is everything alright? He texted back and said “I can 't tell you because you will think of me differently". I was really confused what that had meant. The next few days he didn’t reply to any of my messages.
September 18th people at my home school was blowing up my phone asking “What happened to Nick?!” I had no clue what they were talking about. My mom texted Nicks mom concerned asking what happened. I knew it was something really horrible when my mom came to me in…

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