Why I Am A General Manager Of A Bank

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Group Development Application Paper

Group Development Application Paper
I am a general manager of a bank. My career path is financial management and accounting. My future aspiration is to have a business. I would wish to establish a micro-financial institution and give back to the society that groomed me. Group work and teamwork are significant in any business venture or organizations. It is through teamwork that a company thrives and ultimately leading to its success. However, there are technique and mechanism that see t it that the implementation of the groups does not negatively affect the business.
Justification of the group
Educational groups give children an opportunity to practice skills in leadership (Sergiovanni, 1992). Breaking the team in minor groups and having them discuss, solving problems and reporting their findings is a way of training them to be future leaders.
According to (Mohrman, 1994), organizations need to advance organizations arrangements to support knowledge and work components. Successful organizations pay attention to teamwork.
Schools working in-group work enjoy fruits from the good performance of the team according to (Jullia and Darlene, 1999). The plan will help team members relate with one another and learn from their colleagues. They will grasp the content where they did not comprehend in class time, for example; there are first learners and slow learners who need further explanation
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