Why I Am A Home

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They had all just kept dying and disappearing one by one, like falling leaves come winter. Among them had been all my relatives, my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. All of them now gone. It seemed as if I were the only person left alive in the human race. I hadn’t eaten in days and much less had water to drink. For I don’t know how long I had sat in my mother’s rocking chair holding my little sister in my lap. Even though I knew I would never see her bright sea blue eyes again, it comforted me to hold her close. Finally, I Got a grip on my situation and began to realize that staying in the same place forever would not solve any of my problems, even if it meant leaving the only place I could ever call home. I left my little chair and laid my sister down in her final resting place upon our dining room table beneath a quilt my mother had sewn as a girl. I entered the kitchen and examined what was left in our cupboards. In my stupor I reached for a jar of honey and some leftover cornbread. As I began to fill a glass with water from the pump, the flow suddenly came to a halt. That was when I realized that I had no hope of survival, seeing that the city water had been cut off to prevent contamination from the plague. In a panic I raced out of the small household our family used to rent and ran to the city well. I threw a rock down but heard no splash. Then I realized that I had seen no one since I had left the house. I had a thought but
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