Why I Am A Interview

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a. Before me interview I was excited and a bit nervous. When I walked into that room and all the patients were sitting ready for us it was a bit overwhelming. It felt like we jumped right in. However during the interviews I was able to relax a bit more and focus on the patient. I also felt like it flew by. Before I knew it time was up. As I went out onto the lawn to discuss I started thinking of question I still walked to ask. I didn’t want it to be over. I was also amazed by the impacted that Therapy has had on these patients. I was talking to Kylie, my partner, about how fascination the conditions the patients had were. They share about medical conditions I’ve never heard about before. After we recapped and hear the CEO talk I realized then why Casa Colina was able to have such an impact on its patients. I really was so inspired after the interview. b. During the interview the patient I had was John. I started by introducing myself, and asking him about his condition. When he began to share he answered multiple questions I was going to ask so rather than ask him something he had already told me I have to use my strengths of adaptation and ideation. I had to come up with other relevant questions on the spot. I didn’t realized how fast the questions I wrote could be answered, but it turned out well because I got to know more about John. My temperament and strengths were able to complement each other during the interview I’m an ENFP as well as have the strength of inclusion

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