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It did not take long at all before I had made so many errors at work and so many trips outside to my dealer 's car that my coworkers started to take notice. I was put suspended from work for three days for leaving my work area too long without telling anyone. I was having a severe panic attack and needed to leave the laboratory immediately. I had actually told one of the phlebotomists in the front of the lab that I would be back shortly instead of telling one of my fellow lab techs, so technically they were right I had failed to tell anyone. When I went to work the following day I was suspended for leaving the work are without telling anyone. I tried to explain my panic attack and the fact that I had kept my medication in my car since my…show more content…
This sort of error is called a class B error, meaning it is serious, but I had corrected it before it had any chance to hurt the patient. The errors I made while under the influence of Oxy were class A and meant that I had reported a result that potentially could have resulted in someone 's death. For instance I reported a potassium level of 2.3 on a patient but failed to rerun the specimen as protocol required and the correct result was actually 4.1 which was normal. That patient ended up receiving potassium, not enough that it stopped their heart thank God, but it did not matter my negligence almost killed someone. I was called into the lab director’s office and told to go home that I would be contacted within three days to determine if I still had a job. I pretty much knew at that point that my fate was sealed. But once again as soon as I started to feel guilty and sad and all of the reality of what I had done came crashing in on me, I shot up more oxy and all the troubles faded away. Needless to say, I was fired and although I tried to get another job I was unable to work because of the ups and downs of opiate addiction. I had just been hired at a new hospital and was out of cash and out of pills. I went to work three days sick and hurting, nauseated and put on a façade of normality the best I could but ultimately I had to tell the lab manager that I had to resign due to medical reasons. I
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