Why I Am A Kid Who Always Carried

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I was born on March 19, 1999 in Van Nuys, California. I was born into a family of four, one sister, one brother, and two parents. My family and I moved from California to Nevada when I was four years old after my dad received a job offer in Las Vegas. My youngest sister was born about a year after we moved to Las Vegas. I am very grateful to live in Nevada compared to California, because when my family visits California there is too much traffic, people, and the humid weather is horrible. The weather in Las Vegas isn’t that great as well since it is either too hot that your body feels like it is on fire or too cold that your body feels like a popsicle stick. As a result, I mostly stayed indoors where I turned to reading books. Throughout my earlier school years, I would be the kid who always carried around a book and read at any possible moment. My love of books made me want to write my own book. I quickly learned that writing a book is difficult, especially getting over writer’s block, and because of that most of my so called books failed.
One of my greatest interests is music. Music is a big part of my everyday, because it serves as my “life soundtrack”. All I do is put on my earbuds and push play, and now I am able to get ready in the morning, go to class, clean, do homework, go to sleep, and everything in between. It took my brother taking me to my first concert for me to pick up a guitar and begin learning how to play. Learning how to play guitar was difficult, painful,

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