Why I Am A Liberal Arts Education

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A liberal arts education encourages freedom by allowing students to grow individually and academically. Before I read the summer reading packet, I did not know this. By reading the packet, I understand what it means to be liberally educated at Loras College. The freedom and growth that I will experience through the liberal arts at Loras will allow me to become better-rounded as an individual. Because of this, I will have learned how to be a critical thinker and learner, see the whole picture of why I am learning what I am learning, and connect and use what I have learned to other aspects of life. I believe that through the liberal arts I will learn how see deeper into what I have learned, know the true reason of why I am learning what I am learning, expanding my knowledge by having a well-rounded education, and use that in real-world situations to better myself and society. Throughout my educational experience, I have been presented with different educational and social challenges that I have had to overcome to prepare me for where I am at now at Loras College. My family has moved to different towns and school districts several times during my 13 years of education. We moved because of my father’s occupations in school administration. By starting as a teacher then moving up the ranks to being a principal, and eventually becoming a superintendent, my father has shown me the true meaning of achieving a goal and understanding why my family is where we are at today in
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